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 The Butch Berry Company is a diversified family entertainment enterprise with three business segments: theme park, studio and theatre. 




 A story of animals in a "Garden of Eden" - the Queendom of all Beasts, ruled by a benevolent lioness Sarena. Peace and tranquility of all inhabitants prevail living as vegetarians/fruitarians (no carnivores whatsoever - even the traditional ones as we know them). They face a cataclysmic weather event that turns their lives upside down. They are thrown into turmoil because the food supply is all but destroyed. Not even Sarena has a firm solution to the problem. Carnivores and the food chain paradigm appear for the first time. A group of the new "plant eaters", desperate to return to the old order, follow a very convoluted and twisty route with self-help (and a strong religious undertone) to try to resolve things. There's a natural tendency to rely on the strongest, the fastest, the most eagle-eyed of their own - not the unlikely. Yet (like the tortoise and the hare) the most unlikely surprisingly prevails in the end in a way and for reasons that will resonate with the whole family. 



William and the Werewolf short (featurette)


Original Christmas song "Christmas Means The World to Me"


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